Gone with the wind?

Zoe Cormack and Abdikadir Kurewa Based on their fieldwork (April-May 2016) at the site of Lake Turkana Wind Power, Zoe Cormack and Abdikadir Kurewa discuss the reasons for local tensions around the project – and why the past is important for understanding the social impact of infrastructure developments. The largest wind farm in Africa is […]

Digging for Support: Mbabazi, Mutesa II, and the Posthumous Renaissance of Idi Amin

Thomas Lowman During the 2016 election campaign in Uganda, presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi made some waves with a promise to return the remains of former President Idi Amin to his home district of West Nile. Uganda’s former dictator is currently buried in Saudi Arabia, where he spent his final years in exile after fleeing the […]

2017 Sudan Archive Visiting Library Fellowship: Martin Ochaya Lino Agwella

Martin Ochaya has been awarded the inaugural Sudan Archive Visiting Library Fellowship for Easter 2017. Martin, a South Sudanese Roman Catholic priest, holds degrees in Sociology and Social Anthropology, Theology, and a diploma in counselling; he was awarded a Masters Degree in African Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Bradford, where he is […]

Policing the Somali Presence in Kenya: Dadaab and Beyond

Emma Lochery In early May 2016, Kenya’s government announced the closure of Dadaab refugee camp complex, located around 100 kilometres from the Somali border and home to over 300,000 people. Government statements framed Dadaab as a space where Al Shabaab operates with ‘an alarming degree of freedom’. Officials claimed Kenya was facing an ‘existential terrorist […]

Electoral Exercises

Justin Willis At the press conference where they presented their preliminary report on Uganda’s February 2016 elections, the European Union observation mission refused to answer a question as to whether the elections were ‘free and fair’. Instead, they directed the audience to read the report, and ‘draw their own conclusions’. The report is a classic […]

Ethical Consumers in West Africa

Bronwen Everill  The expansion of ethical consumption in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries may seem like a new phenomenon, linked as it is to internet campaigns, globalized supply chains, hashtags,consumerism, and innovative marketing.  But many of the processes that created the ethical consumption movements we are experiencing now were also in place in […]

The Past as Prologue: Re-examining the role of Law in Zimbabwean Politics since 2000

George Karekwaivanane In the week leading up to the Zimbabwean general elections in March 2008, Masimba Kuchera, Michael Muza and Tafadzwa Rugoho filed an urgent High Court chamber application which challenged the President’s gazetting of Statutory Instrument 43 the previous week.  That Instrument authorised police officers to assist illiterate or disabled voters in the polling […]