Online seminar: 24 February 2021, 4pm

Ukuphazama iNatali: Bringing Queer and Indigenous Studies Approaches to South African History and Beyond.

A joint seminar with Durham University History Department Gender and Sexuality Research Cluster.

Dr T.J. Tallie, University of San Diego 

How can critical indigenous and queer theoretical approaches transform the way we think about colonial history in South Africa (and beyond)?  If settler colonialism itself is presented as a form of orientation, of making a recognizable and inhabitable home space for European arrivals on indigenous land, then native peoples and their continued resistance can serve to ‘queer’ these attempted forms of order.  In such circumstances, the customs, practices, and potentially the very bodies of indigenous peoples can become queer despite remaining ostensibly heterosexual in orientation and practice, as their existence constantly undermines the desired order of an emergent settler state. 

T.J. Tallie is an Assistant Professor of African History at the University of San Diego. He specializes in the comparative settler colonial and imperial history, with a focus on South Africa. His interests include colonialism, gender and racial identity, indigeneity, sexuality, and religious expression. He is the recent author of Queering Colonial Natal: Indigeneity and the Violence of Belonging in Southern Africa

The event will be chaired by Dr Jonathan Saha, Associate Professor of South Asian History at Durham. 

Please contact Beth ( if you would like to attend.

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