Seminar series: Oct/Dec 2018

Please find the schedule of our seminar series for this academic term. All seminars take place in the History Department of Durham University, 43 N Bailey, Durham DH1 3EX:

23 October (SR 1): Hannah Elliott (University of Copenhagen). ‘(Re)Making a frontier town: Anticipating property at the gateway to Kenya’s ‘new frontier’

13 November (SR 1): Willow Berridge (University of Newcastle). ‘South(ern?) Sudanese in the Islamic Movement, c.1964-2018: Between Assimilation and Ambivalence’.

20 November (SR 2): Alex de Waal  (Tufts University). ‘South Sudan’s secession: Insights from the mediation’

27 November (SR 2): Hannah Waddilove (University of Warwick). ‘We are the ones that are seen’: the paradoxes of local elected office in decentralised Kenya’

4 December (SR 1): James Kirby (Durham University). ‘Human Rights and Anti-Colonialism in Africa: The Case of Botswana’

All welcome!

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